Sean-1Full Name: Sean Phillips

RL Name: Purple Dagger

Years in RL: 3

Favorite Part: Enjoy making people smile, young kids or young at heart, through a common love of star wars characters. Also the challenge artistically of recreating costumes and props from the star wars galaxy.

Member of RAID and member of Star Fighter Command. I have loved star wars since the first time I saw it. I attempted my first star wars costume, a storm trooper, at 10 years old out of an old football helmet which I still have to this day. I am an artistic person who loves the star wars galaxy so it was a natural fit to join the costumers in their hobby. I am normally a quiet person who keeps to myself. Another reason I joined the Rebel Legion is to try to be a bit more social with people of common interest. Along with costuming I like to take on challenges in building 1 to 1 scale props from star wars. Outside of the star wars galaxy I am retail manager for a big box chain. I have a wife, also a member of the Rebel Legion. I like to travel and have lived in the Midwest, on the west coast, and now in central Florida.


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