Tim ProfileName: Tim Balski

Legion Name: Jedi of Poker

Years with the Rebel Legion: 5

Favorite Part of the Job: Entertaining, the adventure of making kids believe…

Former RAID DCO & DXO and Endor Commando extraordinaire… Single, Libra, with more light sabers than two hands can count… Semi-retired professional poker player graduated from Bowling Green State University, followed by Amierican Intercontinental. Enjoys movies, television and all genres of music (except country, rap/hip-hop, & hates anything using auto-tune). After years of playing guitar (gigging semi-professional), discovered that I’m far better at building them (must be from having intimate knowledge playing them for so long…). Favorite movies/shows include: anything Star Wars-related, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Anything James Bond. My MP3 is set to random- I have no stinkin’ idea what tune’s up next… Well-documented iced coffee-holic, all day every day. Will have advance-purchased tickets for Episodes VII, VIII & IX.


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