Calling all Rebels!

Please join me in congratulating Ann Collins on being chosen as our Ra Kura base Rebel of the Month for June!

Ann is a long time dedicated Trooper and handler for both the Legions. When she’s not having fun and making smiles in her amazing Sabine armor, she’s helping handle at events, taking pictures for others and making sure everyone is ok and having a good time.

Ann is probably most well known for being the kind and gracious host (along with husband Gary!) of our regular and popular armor parties. Groups of members and newbies gather regularly at the Collins’ to socialize, share skills and work on their costumes.

Not only are these great fun opportunities to get costumes finished, but they are hugely fun social and community events that bring everyone together. And that’s what we’re about!

Thank you for everything you do, Ann!

– David & the Ra Kura Command Staff


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