Name: Tim Balski Legion Name: Jedi of Poker Years with the Rebel Legion: 5 Favorite Part of the Job: Entertaining, the adventure of making kids believe...
Full Name: Sean Phillips RL Name: Purple Dagger Years in RL: 3 Favorite Part: Enjoy making people smile, young kids or young at heart, through a common love of star wars characters. Also the challenge artistically of recreating costumes and props from the star wars galaxy.
By night, she's a public relations officer for the Florida Base of the Rebel Legion. 24/7, however, she's a nerd. And proud of it.
Ra Kura Base will represent the Rebel Legion at this annual event. We will have a booth, displays, costumes and props for all attendees to view and enjoy.
Along with our friends at the 501st Legion, the Rebel Legion was invited to participate in this annual event.