Early last week, we were made aware of a young man named Jared. He had been sick with cancer and fighting for a long time, and he’d recently become paralyzed and bedridden. He loved Star Wars, and wasn’t able to go see The Last Jedi, but we had the honor of bringing the characters he loved to visit him just a few short days later.

Our members were eager to go, and were more than happy to visit on short notice to surprise him! We got to share some patches and pins with him, and give him his own lightsaber. He let us play with some of his special Hot Wheels collection, and showed us his favorite Star Wars cars. Best of all- he smiled. The most he had smiled in a while.

We were heartbroken to receive news that he passed away just a few days later. Our hearts have all been deeply touched by Jared and his beautiful family. May the Force be with you, Jared.


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