Members of Ra Kura Base provide assistance during the performance as part of the show. Members also took photos after the performance with attendees and musicians.
Ra Kura Members assisted in promoting the local comic shop, costume shop, and other local vendors and artists, by taking photos with fans and spreading general cheer.
Feel the power of the Force during a galactic event jam-packed with out-of-this-universe entertainment and many favorite attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios—weekends, May 15 to June 14, 2015.
Here you will find information on all the latest happenings at the Florida Base of the Rebel Legion including membership information, costuming tips and more.
Name: David Rosen RL Name: Moonsault
Name: Ben Faircloth RL Name:  DragonTrooper
Name:  Cassandra Faircloth RL Name: RedPanda
Name: Morgan Mahn Legion Name: Ringrose
Name:  Paul Domalavage RL Name: De Jawa Vu
Full Name: Shaina Flack RL Name: inkydinki Member since: 2018