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Event Request FAQ’s

Please read the following before submitting your request:

  • As we receive numerous requests throughout the year, we are unable to guarantee appearances.  If we are able to provide Rebel Legion presence, you will receive an email 24-48 hours prior to your event.
  • The Rebel Legion is an all-volunteer organization and does not charge for appearances. However, for events of private individuals and for-profit companies, we ask that the host makes a small donation to a local charity of choice.
  • Permission from LucasFilm, LLC. is required for all public showings (anything other than private viewing by the consumer at home) of any Star Wars and related media. Please read LucasFilm’s policy regarding the showing of media such as Star Wars films.
  • The Rebel Legion reserves the right to decline requests for or withdraw participation from event appearances if media such as Star Wars films are to be shown contrary to LucasFilm’s licensing terms.

What is the Rebel Legion?

The Rebel Legion is an international Star Wars costuming organization that promotes the Star Wars franchise and helps others through charity work and community service.

Are you part of the 501st Legion?

No. Although the Rebel Legion is the official “good guy” counterpart to the 501st and we regularly work together, we are separate groups. Many members belong to both clubs.

Are you part of Lucasfilm?

No. The Rebel Legion is a volunteer fan-run organization. However, Lucasfilm recognizes the Legion as the premier Rebel costuming group, and we have worked with Lucasfilm officials on several occasions.

What sort of events does the Rebel Legion do? 

The Rebel Legion marches in parades, raises funds for charity, appears at conventions, visits children’s hospitals, troops educational and science centers, and a wide variety of other events.

The Legion does not participate in commercial ventures or business promotions unrelated to the Star Wars franchise, nor do we campaign for political or religious causes.   We are also prohibited from participating in any events that promote firearms, tobacco, alcohol or pharmaceuticals.

Will you show up to my child’s birthday party?

The Rebel Legion does not generally appear at private parties except for those involving children afflicted with life-threatening or chronic diseases or for members’ personal friends. We prefer to appear at public events as opposed to private (non charity) related events. It is at the discretion of individual bases and membership to decide if the proposed party is something they wish to do. We do not carry insurance like party costume companies so the safety of members and their VERY expensive costumes in the hands of many many children on sugar rushes is of the most importance. A donation to charity in our name for the appearance may sway some members.

What is the Rebel Legion’s stance on Jedi Academy Training, Saber Training, etc. ?

Due to legal issues, the Rebel Legion cannot authorize, support, or be involved with any type of saber training classes. The Rebel Legion cannot allow any LFL or Rebel Legion trademarks, logos, phrases, monikers, etc to be involved with any variation of saber training classes. Members will be brought up on charges if they use LFL or Rebel Legion trademarks, logos, phrases, monikers, etc in conjunction with a saber training class. We highly recommend members consider the possible legal ramifications of liability before planning, arranging or conducting any saber training sessions on their own, independent of The Rebel Legion.

Do you sell costumes, masks, or props?

No. All of our costumes are hand made by our members, and none of our costumes or props are for sale to the general public.

Do you sell t-shirts or other merchandise?

No. Star Wars is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its licensee partners. For this reason we only produce a limited range of apparel and paraphernalia to be sold to our members only and at cost. No profit is made. This is solely to promote our club at conventions and to give gifts to the celebrities and company representatives who are fans of the club. All material is scrutinized and approved by Legion command and many of it is submitted to Lucasfilm representatives for their feedback prior to creation.

The Rebel Legion, Ra Kura Base and its affiliates reserve the right to change the above terms at any time without notice.

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