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NEW Base XO Announced!

NEW Base XO Announced!

Greetings, everyone!

I have very IMPORTANT and EXCITING news to share! As of today, I have appointed David Rosen as my Executive Officer.

David hails from Essex England, and lives in Windermere FL. He has been in the Rebel Legion since April 2015, and his favorite aspect of membership is; David loves the fact that when he’s walking around an event, a convention, or anywhere dressed as a Jedi carrying a light saber, complete strangers from all walks of life become instant friends through love of Star Wars and costuming & cosplay.

David exemplifies the core principles that we stand for, love of Star Wars, Costuming, Community and Charity. I know David will do the Base proud, and I look forward to working with him as our XO.

Please welcome David to your Command Staff Team and we look forward to serving the Base to the best of our abilities.

Darth Penguin

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