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Base Commanding Officer

Base Commanding Officer


Name: David Rosen

RL Name: Moonsault

Years in the RL: 3

Favorite Part of the Job: I have always loved Trooping and seeing the reactions of fans of all ages to meeting their favorite characters. As a member of the Rebel Legion (and the 501st) I have been granted amazing and once in a lifetime opportunities to do this on an unimaginable level at incredible locations and occasions, including Lightsaber training with children at the Central Florida Hospital or appearing on the Red Carpet for movie premieres at Disney Springs. Being able to do special things like these and to touch the lives of strangers is definitely my favorite thing.
I am extremely proud to be a member of the Rebel Legion, and now as a Base Commander, am grateful to have the opportunity to lead and do my part to help my Base, it’s amazing members, and everyone we meet.

Favorite Movie: Return of The Jedi

Favorite Character: Boba Fett

Favorite Costume: Boba Fett (Special Edition)

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